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Whale Shark and Underwater Photographer

Temple Of The Sea


This location is in one of the litle Islands that are at the north,what If I tell you, that under this rock you will find 24m deep with lots tipes of coral, turtles, Gigant eel, white eye morei eel, box fish, squids and lot more...  even whale shark...if you are lucky...

Sea Sponges

Batu Laya

Is a very nice spot is like a big circle where you will find lots of tipes of corals, clown fish,maybe shark bumb heads and lots more...if your are lucky...



Vietnamese Wreck


The Vietnamese Wreck was a WWII troop transport vessel named Rangsak Kukumaru. They sink it in 1976 and you will be able to se hundreds of fish but also its the place if you want to see seehorses. Many postcards here in Malasia are made with the pictures taken in this boat. 


Battu Nisan


This location is in Long beach near our Dive shop, is very nice for the first dives because there is no current and is not very deep but it hide lots of especies like box fish, clown fish, octupuses and lots more...If you are lucky...

flat fish



This location is also next to Long beach you will descend in a sand area and litle by litle you will go strait through the corals and rocks that will find blue spotted, turtles, clown fish, triger fish, parrot fish and more... if you are lucky...


San Choi Wreck


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Temple Of The Sea


This location is just in front of  Long beach you will descend and you will find one of the 3 police boats sinked some years ago... ask to your instructor to know why... you will find lots of fishes but lion and parrot fish for sure.


Turumbu Tiga


Is at the back of Besar Island, is a formation of rock where you will be able to pass through rock tunels, the rocks come from the level to the sea to 20 m and you will be able to see diferent tips of corals and fishes.


Shark Point


This is the place if you want to see black tips sharcks, we also have other secret place to see baby sharks....

We have Many Locations!! Ask your Instructors for more information

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