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About Us

Ocean, Ocean and more Ocean

''Our goal is make you  discover the sea in a way that you have never seen it... looking at it from another point of view where you are part of it as one more''

Our Story

Spice up your dive with Spice Divers! No matter if you're an experienced diver or a first timer, we're here to guide you on your underwater adventures. With a team of highly experienced scuba instructors we offer Scuba Diving courses from beginner to master level, as well as fun-dives for certified divers. We will bring you to the most beautiful spots around the island to see the marine life and experience the ocean from below. Spice Divers is a place where you can learn all about diving, meet fun people, and relax in paradise.


We are located on long beach which is the lively bustling center of the Perhentian Islands. Among all this excitement Spice Divers is a calm oasis where you can truly relax, while still being in walking distance from all restaurants, bars, and activities. Food is also served at the Spice Cafe, and there are daily yoga classes in the mornings and evenings.

Aside from Scuba diving, Spice Divers now also offers Freediving. Dive 20 meters deep on a single breath with the Apnea Total Freediver course!

Note: Please consider that there are no ATM's on the Perhentian islands so It is recommended that you bring enough cash for your stay. At Spice Divers we accept cash and credit card.
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